Signs of a financial pyramid

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In the previous parts of the review, we have come to conclusion that TVI Express has a number of features of a disguised pyramid scheme. Let's look at them in detail. The first and main characteristic of all pyramid schemes is the opportunity to earn money doing nothing. In other words any other more or less quality mlm company (for example, Tiande, Tiens, Amway), which has a real product and is not going to deceive its customers and partners, always says — to succeed in our project, you have to work!

Sure to attract as many people as possible, and, consequently, to increase the turnover these companies are trying to minimize the necessary monetary and time expenses. So, they say — if you're lucky, and bearing in mind that our product virtually sells itself, working for only a couple of hours a day You have a chance to become a leader in MLM. In general, it is understandable and fair enough. That means that probably you won’t have to work much, but still, you will have to work (though in practice, even working around the clock, you can achieve nothing). In pyramid schemes it's all different. In Ponzi schemes the management announces that they came up with a unique opportunity to make money doing nothing. The same promise the organizers of the TVI Express. Of course, for this you must be lucky, but if from tens of thousands of dollars you are separated just by luck and the entry fee of $ 250, why not take the risk?

The following mistake, but at the same time a sign of financial pyramids — the text on the official website. I suppose that any experienced networker can distinguish text that describes the services and opportunities provided by high quality Mlm Company from the text of a disguised pyramid scheme. Usually the second one is full of phrases «you do not have to do anything,» «you can get tens of thousands of dollars easily,» «the company has developed an ingenious system of earnings», «world-famous experts believe this project is very promising,» and so on. If you read the official site of TVI Express, you've probably seen all of these phrases.

Another sign of a pyramid (pretending to be an MLM company) is a partnership with well-known brands. Surely, this has been done to increase the level of confidence. Although in the modern world, using the power of the Internet anyone or anything can easily become a partner of the largest corporations, for example, Google, Yandex, E-Bay, Samsung, Microsoft, etc. All you need to do for that is to sell or advertise their services and products (more details here). But to make hasty conclusions about the quality of MLM companies based solely on its business partners is wrong.

TVI Express end of review here.

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