This is the last part of the review of the TVI Express. If you have not read the previous parts follow this link. One more mistake that all disguised pyramid schemes have (discussed earlier here) – they mention the product. When the MLM company manufactures and sells a product itself, then there are a lot of reviews on their official website, also there can be found recommendations, articles about the benefits of a product, etc. The only information to be found on TVI Express official site is following: the company sells travel. That’s it! There is nothing about the prices, nothing about hotels, no reviews from people who experienced these trips.

So, now I hope I made it clearer for you about the product and business system in TVI Express, but for a full review of a company it remains to consider the system of training and marketing plan. Well, let’s start with education. Organizers of the project (according to the official website) say: since the conclusion of the contract and till the moment while you won’t earn million dollars a month, we will support you. In practice, it turns the other way around, the only educational event held by TVI Express, takes place every year and there are invited only the leaders of the highest categories. But there is nothing for beginners except videos and e-books. Although you don’t have to be a professional in network marketing to understand that if you want to achieve financial success it is not enough!

Now, let’s have a look at the business plan. The company TVI Express decided not to bother and used so beloved by all financial pyramids (in particular, CDT, Emgoldex) matrix marketing plan, consisting of two matrices — the traveler and the express.

For passing the first you get $ 500, for completing the second one you get one-time $ 10,000 fee and become the gold leader of the company. Thanks to that you start getting 5% from each transaction in your structure. Well, it is easy to sum up that according to the matrix marketing plan in TVI Express, when the business structure will consist of 5,000 people in it, from 50 to 70 % of the cost of travel will go to the leaders’ pockets. Moreover, the company TVI Express says that it has thousands of structures in different countries around the world.

Summing up all the info, it is safe to note the following — TVI Express is not the project which you can build a long-term MLM or Internet business with.