Earlier in the review of TVI Express, we stopped on the fact that there are some doubts concerning urgency of the idea of travel trade through multilevel marketing on the Internet. Now let’s focus on the closest example, that is — TVI. According to the statements of the organizers every year a huge number of rooms in 4 and 5 star hotels remain unsold. As a result, hotels have huge losses. So, they say it would be quite profitable to sell these rooms through the exclusive clubs, like this one, at discount prices. And I have to say, that is complete nonsense, because it’s totally ludicrous.

I will explain why. During the tourist season, there are no rooms available in hotels with 4 or 5 stars, as in good hotels tour operators book in advance the majority of numbers. Vacant rooms can be found either out of season (for example, if you want to have rest in Turkey in winter when the air temperature is not higher than 10 — 15 degrees Celsius) or in mediocre hotels. Of course, distributors of TVI Express may object and say – why then there are so many last minute offers on bulletin boards and websites of tour operators? The answer is simple: first of all, there aren’t many of them; and secondly, 90% of them – just lure potential clients; and finally, the last minute trips do not allow you to choose the hotel or the resort.

Another disadvantage of TVI Express is that going on a trip with the well-known tour operator, which booked at the resort some rooms in advance (eg, «Pegas» annually books about 100,000 rooms in Sharm El-Sheikh), you get to Egypt by a charter flight. If you decided to get there on your own account — flight cost would be at least 2 times higher. Anyway, even if the TVI Express will manage to book some rooms in the 4 or 5 star hotels, it would still not be able to adjust a qualitative transfer of vacationers to hotel. As a result, even at this stage it would be much more expensive to travel with TVI instead of travelling with a well known tour operator, and much less convenient.

Add to all that stories from the Internet told by former distributors of TVI Express who could not go to the resort, although the trip was paid in full. It would be not that sad and alarming, if there was only one story, but I came across at least five of them, not looking for anything like that specifically, simply read some reviews of TVI Express on the Internet.

Considering all aforesaid, it turns out that the system of travel declared on the official site and tourism from TVI Express simply doesn’t work. In such case, the MLM Company is just the common disguised pyramid scheme and the proof of this statement will be discussed in the next article.