What is Tvi Express — a pyramid scheme or a qualitative MLM company, co-operating with which can change people’s lives for the better? This question is probably very important for each person who made a decision to register as a partner in the www.tviexpress.com or wants to use its services. But still I couldn’t find the answer on the Internet.

Forums and blogs are full of conflicting stories. In some of them it is said that TVI Express is an ordinary Ponzi scheme that prove the stories of the former partners of the project, who either have not been paid the money or did not receive a certificate for travel. Their opponents on the same forums say other things, providing as evidence their income scans and photos of resorts they have been to thankfully to TVI Express . In general, the single point of view does not exist. Therefore, in this review, I suggest being smarter and make conclusions based only on the known and available facts about the Tvi Express. Let’s start with the history of given mlm company.

The official opening of the project took place in February 2009 (that is, it’s been already 3 years old). In a short period of time after the launch of the project the company succeeded to enter the market of 150 countries, and it is not surprising, considering the main way to find distributors and customers – on the Internet.

According to information from the official website of the company (http://www.tviexpress.com/ru), the number of consultants in the TVI Express in each of these countries is measured in thousands and even tens of thousands of people. The question immediately arises — for such a powerful start is needed a very good product. And they have it. In addition to earning potential mlm company offers its clients and partners exclusive trips to different parts of the world, of course cheaper than the travel with touristic companies and agencies. The only thing you need to do — to join in the project. But it is not free. The registration fee is $ 250.

Here at this stage and we want to learn more about the TVI Express, because nobody wants to be deceived. This will be discussed in the next reviews.