Uniqueness of Stiforp product comes to an end after discussed in the previous article two online tools, and then follows the same tool set for 99 % MLM companies on the Internet (such as Inetglobal, International School of Investment and Finance, Dubli Auction and others). These tools include:

  • The ability to create one-page sites or capture pages. You’ve probably already seen these — with the big bright fonts, author’s photo, customer reviews and offer to subscribe for free email newsletter. Statistically, such option of sales is by far the most effective, not only in network marketing, but also in the online business; 
  • Mail Manager, and the answering machine;
  • Contact Manager helps working with potential partners and customers;
  • And the traffic rotator in case you have multiple business sites and want to distribute the flow of visitors between them.

The set costs $ 10 per month. That is not much at all compared to the toolkits of Nht Global for $ 300 a year, but at the same time, it is two times more expensive than in the advertising of Inetglobal. But let’s look not at the price, but at the interest of potential customers in the toolbox.

Anyway, according to Stiforp statements, the company will soon provide with their instruments 5 — 10 % of Internet entrepreneurs, that is 10 — 15 million people. But by my own calculations only 20 — 30 thousand businessmen will need the product.

And taking into account the experience of MLM projects with similar products, which today are recognized as financial pyramids (e.g., Intway), we can see that only the distributors of the project Stiforp will use the Stiforp tools for business, more than that, only some of them. Continuation of review in the article «Business with Stiforp«