So, earlier in the review of Stiforp we had a closer look at the products of this mlm project and found out that even if they are worth $ 120 a year, but to put it into practice (not only to advertise the given MLM company) will be difficult. Therefore, people from all over the world, joining every 20 — 30 seconds to business organizations, count first of all not on the opportunity to use online tools, but on earning in the company.

By the way, the project management has put forward an interesting promotion — «You can earn in Stiforp 2047 dollars a month, in general inviting nobody». Quite unusual for multilevel marketing, isn’t it? Therefore, further having disassembled the marketing plan of the project, we will find out the truth: Stiforp is a scam, another disguised pyramid scheme that wants to recruit as many people as possible by any means.

So by clicking a partner link, you come to the registration page of the company. It’s free to register, but the activation of your account costs $ 40. Once you have paid this amount, you get a place in the binary structure under the information sponsor. And then as always in multilevel marketing — people come into the company, and if they were invited by you, then they get into your structure (for each person you invited you receive $ 25).

Now let’s talk about $ 2 000 a month, which they promise in the ads on the Internet. According to the marketing plan you can’t just receive the money, but only if your upline sponsor is very hard working and places the new distributors under you. Indeed, in the binary business plan, each person can have only two lower-level distributors, and if you invite the third, then the profile is located under one of the first two. Quite an interesting option, but in this case you can earn doing nothing in any company with a binary business plan, for example: Qnet, EN 101, Shenshimin and others, and receive not $ 2,000 per month but twenty. Much more than they offer in Stiforp, isn’t it?

In general, for those new to multilevel marketing, I have to say that such a promotion is typical for disguised pyramids, scams, not quality mlm companies. I would also like to note the following fact — to earn $ 2,000 you need to build a business organization with 8000 people in it. Even if it is real for MLM then will take many years. Hope, I explained clearly that you shouldn’t believe the advertising and income in 2000 dollars from Stiforp. End of review in this article.