To the considered earlier negative points of business with Stiforp we can add a very interesting detail about the companies with a binary business plan. As only some of us know, most of the structures do not grow in the form of a regular pyramid, and are extended down. That is, in theory:

  • The first level – you;
  • The second – 2 distributors;
  • The third – 4;
  • The fourth – 8;
  • The fifth – 16;
  • The sixth – 32, and so on.

In practice, however, judging by experience of my friends and acquaintances, who work in multilevel companies with binary business plan, the following turns out:

  • The first level – you;
  • The second – 2 distributors;
  • The third – again 2;
  • The fourth – 3;
  • The fifth – 1 (at the fourth level there are idlers);
  • The sixth – 2 and so on (my friend’s organization has grown to the 50th level for 5 years of working).

Given that Stiforp unlike any other binary project I know (for example, the firm EN101 com, Liberty And Success, Phoenix) cuts the 12 levels of your organization, in practice even actively working, you will not get paid for 75% of your efforts.

We as you can find quite good reviews in video presentations on the Internet we won’t assort further Stiforp’s business plan.

Finishing the review, I wanted to mention another important negative point — providing information on the official site.

Given that Stiforp works all over the world, the leadership of the project didn’t even bother with the translation of the info on their official site and simply used website translator Google. In my opinion, that is pretty disrespectful to the customers, as no Internet Entrepreneur will be re-reading for 20 times the same text trying to understand its meaning.

While, for example, a translation of one page of the site from English into Russian costs only $ 8. That is, for $ 100 could be accurately translated the basic 12 — 15 pages that contain information about the project, its products and earning potential. Translation to the 50 most used languages ??would cost $ 5,000. Is it much or little? For me that is a lot of money, but for American MLM project expecting, according to the organizers, the turnover of 5 billion dollars and offering tools for business – a drop in the ocean. In general greedy Stiforp looks like a regular pyramid scheme.

Thus, Stiforp for the time being looks more like an ordinary Ponzi scheme, not the quality mlm company. But maybe I’m wrong, and this project will achieve the intended results.