Stiforp is one of the newest MLM companies that offer a set of tools for making money online. The official start of the project took place on September 20, 2011. But everyone interested in multilevel marketing and making money could see in worldwide network the following advertizing — «Earn with the Stiforp project 2047 dollars a month without any invitations».

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But only few people in Russia trust such kind of ads. In this review, we will try to find out whether it’s a good idea to develop business with this mlm project or it will be better to turn to proven options such as Forever living, Sizzle and Agel? But to find that out we must consider the product first, marketing plan and any available information about the project (for example, the official project website and reviews about it online). And only then make any conclusions. So let’s have a closer look at the project.

As mentioned above, Stiforp provides its distributors with two options — to earn $ 2,000 (not inviting people) and to use fully satisfying all the needs of the modern Internet businessman product. Let’s look at the product in detail.

The range of Stiforp currently includes 6 working tools.

The first and most interesting of these is the ability to create interactive presentations (Flash-rollers). After all, what a businessman would not like to have a colorful video presentation on his site, so that anyone could watch it. But there are a few drawbacks in this product. In particular, according to the explanations of distributors, this tool is intended only for a small change in some basic presentations (presentations of MLM company Stiforp), rather than to create your own. Otherwise you would have needed a huge functionality, coupled with serious knowledge and skills to work with Flash applications.

One more interesting product is a video spokesperson that you can install on your site. Each of us must have heard about this, or maybe even seen it. You open someone’s site, and there goes a man and tells you about a service, goods or business. In general that is a very handy and useful thing that can actually increase profits in 1.5 — 3 times, but unfortunately, I have not seen it on any of the sites of Stiforp distributors. Also, on the official website of Stiforp they could have shown this tool in action. In other words, we buy a pig in a poke. Considering all the drawbacks mentioned, only one thought comes to my mind – for the time being, the service is either not working or not working as effectively as they say. Continuation of review is here.