In the previous review, which can be found here, it was concluded that the company iWowWe — is a modern disguised financial pyramid of Internet. And while most people in Russia and CIS countries are accustomed to the fact, that in such a business it is better not to participate, however, you can make money there. After all, the development of the pyramids goes according to certain laws. We are not going to talk about them right now, but let’s mention a few nuances.

First, the company pays its distribution network 80% of the cost of product. That is pretty good for the partners of the project, but at the same time increases the price of services.

Secondly, iWowWe, as well as many other projects, working through the Internet, for example, Emgoldex, Stiforp Profits, etc. uses a matrix marketing plan. The size of the matrix — 3 ? 9, that is, each person can have only three down line distributors.

And about the marketing plan — to become a partner or a representative of the project you can in two ways:

  • To buy the basic package for $ 75 (plus $ 20 monthly).
  • Either to buy the Premium Package for $ 195 (plus $ 20 fee). The difference between these two packages is the amount of video mails sent.

For the sale of starter packs you get a reward of $ 25 from the Basic Package and $ 50 for the Premium. In addition, you get 5% (or $ 1) of monthly payment of the people you personally invited. Of course, if such exist.

Next, you begin to actively promote the company iWowWe itself, its products and the opportunity to earn there, and if you find customers or partners for the company, you get a qualification:

  • The Director. For three new members involved.
  • Senior Director. For six new people involved in iWowWe.
  • Executive Director. For 9 new partners for the company.

If we believe the company’s presentation, you are the one to control the following process (that is, to communicate with your team through video mails and videoconferences) and watch how your income grows (commissions from the structure). However, according to statistics of disguised pyramid schemes (for example, Intway and ISIF), then the joy from this process will not last long. Since the time of active development of such companies is approximately 1 — 3 years, and then follow the decay and disintegration.