Earlier in the review of the iWowWe company we had a closer look at its products. Also noted, that two main services of the project are video mail and videoconference option. Now let’s consider their urgency. And again some remarks. Let’s start with video mail. This is a very interesting phenomenon in the Internet nowadays. After all, sometimes we don’t want to write long letters, but want to talk to the person, and even better — to be able to show something.

But the majority of modern post services (for example: Yandex. Mail, Gmail, Mail.Ru) doesn’t provide such a service. And the iWowWe company does. And it is rather inexpensive — 20 dollars a month. On the other hand it is necessary to reflect — whom can you send video letters to? The answer is simple — only to the clients and partners of iWowWe. After all you can’t send the letter of big size (and video email will be for sure of big size) to habitual post servers. That is, actually you can’t send video emails to anyone who is not a client of iWowWe. Besides it is necessary to pay attention that the iWowWe company offers only video mail transfer, and process of its creation has to be mastered on your own.

And a couple of words about the video conference option. On the official site of iWowWe it is claimed that you can create conferences for 100 people. There is one main shortcoming — videoconferences can be carried out free of charge (for example, on the site www.onconf.ru or on tens of other sites). Certainly, there is a restriction of 10 people but if your organization grows to that level that online conferences will be visited by many people (that is, in the organization there will be at least 300 people), you will be able to order the development of a site with a separate video room for only 50 dollars a year (in iWowWe it costs $300 a year). And the videoconference is useful only for communication with people who are involved in iWowWe by you. Anyway, in that case company product is needed only for the company itself to grow. That is, it turns out that iWowWe is an ordinary financial pyramid.

Still, can video tools be useful to average online businessmen? And not just to representatives of network marketing on the Internet (in particular to distributors of iWowWe). Let’s consider an example. Who nowadays does business on the Internet?

  • 80 % or the vast majority of the people doing business on the Internet, are the owners of business offline, and through worldwide network involve new people in it. For example, owners of Internet shops, owners of the business, which contacts people look for on the Internet — taxi, medical services (such as dentists), delivery of something (pizzas, flowers etc.) 
  • 10 % — people who don’t have a business offline but anyway involve clients to sites of people of the above-stated category. These can be web designers (founders of sites), optimizers, copywriters, owners of sites where the contextual or banner advertizing is placed, etc.

People of the above mentioned two categories are interrelated and to a large extent dependent on each other. But there is another category — people who found out that the Internet can help to make money and want to try their luck. Most of these people are completely ignorant about online business, but they have money. As they understand that now, without the initial investment you can not advance your business, and since they have money, they meet the remaining 10% of the businessmen — or so-called teachers’, who teach how to make money on the Internet. Such teachers can be divided into three categories:

  • Good ones. On the Russian Internet there are not more than 100 people. 
  • Bad ones. Usually they are the third category of people who are able to understand a little bit of business on the Internet, and consider themselves to be Mega Guru («know-all’s’), willing to share their «knowledge» with everyone.
  • Very bad ones. Usually those are people who do not understand anything at all (for example, distributors of Internet MLM companies and members of bubbles (pyramids), such as: iWowWe, Stiforp Profits, Intway, ISIF, Inetglobal, Emgoldex, People string and many others) but claim to have found a source of income .

Now let’s see which of these categories may need video production business. Given the above shortcomings of the products that exist in 2012, the answer is obvious — only the last category. That is, as mentioned earlier — iWowWe products may be used only for promotion of the company. And this is the main feature of the financial pyramid.

However, if you want to try to earn with the company, then in the next article, we will evaluate the marketing plan of the business project.