The iWowWe company appeared in Russian part of the Internet approximately in May, 2011. But, nevertheless, it is advertized very actively by its distributors, promising the mountains of gold to everyone who believes in the possibility of making money there. That’s why the person, who sees the advert, will have certain questions:

  • Whether the products of iWowWe help to develop successful business on the Internet?
  • In what way do the multimedia goods of this company differ from the similar goods of such projects as Stiforp, Talk Fusion and others?
  • Whether iWowWe is the disguised financial pyramid that needs products for cover?
  • If this project really tries to help people advance their business, and how qualitative it is? After all now 9 of 10 MLM companies are of poor quality and not profitable for its distributors.

Further in the review of iWowWe having analyzed quality and urgency of multimedia services, we will answer all these questions. Let’s begin with the list of provided services.

  • Video email. One of the services that is very popular in the world now. And that is the one of two MLM base services of the iWowWe company. Having become a client or a business partner you have an opportunity to create video letters on the basis of 300 ready templates, and also to send video emails to the clients. The maximum quantity of letters is 50 video messages at a time and 500 video letters during the day.
  • Videoconference — another service of the company. In a videoconference from iWowWe can participate at the same time up to 100 people.

Besides the two above-mentioned services, there are some additional offers in the project. For example: possibility to store unlimited number of video files on company servers, or possibility to load video from company servers in social networks.

All set of above-mentioned services costs 195 dollars for a start (on signing the contract) and 20 dollars monthly. However, concerning introductory payment I could misunderstand something, after all the company on the official site — uses machine translation into Russian that makes the text difficult to understand. In general I don’t understand, how the firm can promise thousands of dollars for its employees, being greedy to pay 100 dollars for competent translation.

Well, we distracted from the analysis of multimedia services quality and their urgency. Let’s come back to it, but in the following part of the iWowWe review.